Loraine and Peter Kossmann have been growing high quality fruit on the banks of the Tamar Valley for 20 years, with Loraine singlehandedly tending to every vine in the 12 ha estate. Now under the stewardship of Peter Dredge as winemaker, very exciting times lay ahead for this amazing site.

We’re passionate about our wine. We know what it takes to create the best of the best. After all, we previously made a living gathering abalone from the sea – selecting precious shellfish to be savoured by those who truly appreciate fine flavours.

Our vineyard, in Tasmania’s West Tamar region, retains that link to the sea, overlooking the pristine waters of the Tamar River. These days, instead of abalone, we carefully hand select the highest quality grapes from our vines, meticulously sorting and refining to achieve our premium wines.

Over the years we have worked on perfecting our winemaking, producing a range of award-winning wines that are sought out by those who appreciate the finer things in life.

From the sea, to our vineyard, to you. Enjoy.