This all started with a group of beer loving mates and a dream to start our own brewery.

It may have remained just that – a dream – but the catalyst to turn the dream into a reality came when we were inspired by our mate, who was suffering from, and raising funds for, ‘The Beast’ of a disease – Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Over a few beers we imagine a World where every beer we’d ever had did a little bit of good…

We kicked things off by creating our first beer, the 1 – 4 – 1, and enlisted the support of around 50 Melbourne pubs in an attempt to create Victoria’s most charitable happy hour. It was a cracking success… so now we’ve continued on from where we started, living our beer dream, while raising funds to support our mate’s cause.

We champion good beer, celebrate the good things in life, and give back by making a donation to Fight MND with every beer sold. With your support, we hope to pour out the goodness for years to come.

Welcome to our world.
Beer. From a Good Place.