We handcraft exceptional wines that are unique, interesting and absolutely delicious!
Berrigan Wines is all about sustainably growing and producing high quality, cool climate wines from Mount Benson and the Adelaide Hills.

Family owned and operated by winemaker Dan Berrigan and Wendi Ticao.
We believe in producing wines that are harmonious, clean and fresh, with complexity and balance.

We want to bottle a unique experience for our customers.

As we have full control throughout the whole process, we are able to produce affordable, yet high quality, award winning wines.

From Budburst to Bottle

Starting from the management of our two vineyards, right through to putting the wines to bottle, Dan and Wendi are hands on in each and every step.

They are continually exploring ways to improve fruit quality in the vineyard, with the ultimate goal of emphasising distinctive flavours to truly let the fruit of each variety, within each region shine.

The heart of what we do is grow high quality fruit.

We utilise our deep understanding of grape growing and the connection that the vineyard has to wine quality and style, to achieve premium wines with a ‘sense of place’.

The Bull Rider

On our logo, the bull rider represents having the courage to take a chance and ‘have a crack’.

It symbolises the strength and resilience needed to ‘choose’ to ride a bull, even though you know that there’s a good chance you’ll get thrown hard to the ground.

For Dan, this courage to ‘have a crack’ took the form of quitting his comfortable full-time role, working as chief winemaker at a winery, to pursue his dreams of running his own vineyard and winery.

Dan is lucky enough to have his partner, Wendi, jump on that same bull. She has now officially joined the team, to help the business grow and further establish the brand.

Together, Dan and Wendi recently purchased a 14ha vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, in the middle of a pandemic and China trade dispute.

Courageous or crazy?

Taste our range of wines to find out!